Resources for music students

Resources for blues harmonica students from our workshop

  • Jerome Godboo – multi-instrumentalist and instructor for our first workshop.  Jerome is a well-respected musician and teacher, and was the winner of the 2014 IBC Harmonica Player of the year award.
  • Lee Oskar Harmonicas – one of our workshop sponsors, producing harmonicas based on the ideas of Lee Oskar, the legendary WAR harmonica player.
  • Lee Oskar Harmonica Quick Guides – information from Lee Oskar on playing harmonica alongside other musicians.
  • Long & McQuade (Waterloo) – our workshop host and sponsor.

Resources for blues harmonica students from other sources

  • Carlos del Junco – celebrated harmonica master, innovator, and teacher.  Carlos is a double gold medallist at the Hohner World Harmonica Championship.
  • Jon Gindick – harmonica teacher and author of many fine books on playing harmonica.
  • Howard Levy – composer, jazzman, and master of harmonica technique


Resources for blues guitar students
Coming soon – stay tuned for our guitar workshop!