Mission Statement



The Grand River Blues Society was founded in 2003, to serve the Grand River region of south central Ontario, encompassing the cities of Kitchener, Waterloo, Guelph, Cambridge, Brantford and surrounding areas. The Society is dedicated to the preservation of the Blues music tradition, from its earliest historic beginnings in the southern United States, to its acknowledgement and acceptance, as a unique art form of international appeal.



The Grand River Blues Society is committed to enhancing the appreciation of the Blues music culture and heritage, in its varied and diverse forms, through the following:


 Provide fundraising and endorsement for local and regional artists, wishing to participate in the International Blues Challenge. 

  • Record and distribute the music of local and regional artists, to increase artist exposure outside the Grand River Region. 
  • Showcase local, regional and international artists at special events, tributes, fundraisers, festivals and the Society’s annual “Blues Camp” and “Blues in the Schools” programs.


  • Co-conduct an annual Youth Legacy Competition with The Kitchener Blues Community Inc., to inspire the careers of young musicians, under the age of twenty, with the winner having the opportunity to play at a local major Blues festival. 
  • Organize and run an annual Blues Camp, for musicians up to 19 years of age, under the teaching and nurturing of local professional musicians. All campers get to appear on stage at a local major Blues festival. 
  • Support youth friendly Blues jams. 
  • Partner with the Kitchener Blues Community Inc., in an annual “Blues in the Schools” program, specifically geared to grade school students. 


  • Communicate ongoing event and artist information to Society members and the general public, by means of our website, a bi-monthly newsletter and weekly e-mail Blues Blasts. 
  • Work in conjunction with Blues club owners and other businesses to encourage the exposure of Blues music and musicians. 
  • Encourage Blues lovers in the Grand River region, to enjoy the benefits of Society membership and to actively participate in attaining our goals, through support for events and volunteering. 
  • Ensure the efficient and responsible use of financial resources, generated by the Society and its members. 


  • Conduct and support artist tribute shows, workshops and fundraisers of historical significance, to better inform Society members and the public, of the Blues legacy.